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A vital, dynamic department dedicated to receive Fresh Fish Shipments on daily bases, prepare orders for Ocean Branches, HORECA and hyper markets in collaboration with the sales team and distribute them according to customer requests. Very skilled team is managing the daily operations in appliance with an ERP system. And all received Shipments are checked by our quality department for approvals before distribution. Through long years of experience and hard work ocean gained a lot of certificates such as ISO, HACCP, Safety 1 , Trust program , Golden trader list and a lot more.

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One of Oceans’ most important objectives is the ability to reach every home in Jordan. Healthy food as seafood should be introduced to every family member. Thus, to complete the distribution cycle, a CASH VAN department was introduced in 2019. Branded refrigerator trucks were procured to travel around Jordan on daily bases and visit small neighborhood shops to provide them with ocean frozen products. All our cars are equipped with a GPS tracking system and an Efficient, reliable ordering system to reduce headache of manual entry and eliminate human factor errors and time waste. Our Sales persons are very helpful and professional, their main goal is to full fill clients’ needs with accuracy and competence.

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At Present, Ocean established a seafood factory specialized in fish preparation and packaging, in order to serve its branches and HORECA sector in the local and international market. Fully equipped with best packaging machines and technologies, highest food safety standards and best raw materials. The factory is specialized in:- 1. Vacuum cleaned fish, ocean is considered the only factory in the middle east that has the governmental approvals of 14 days shelf life for this range of products, a lot of benefits are added to this process: - No bacterial contamination - Cleaned fish , prepared for direct cooking - No smell as its sealed - Easy peel packaging 2. Packaging and processing frozen fish Three floors specialized in processing, shock freezing, and packaging highest quality of fish. A huge variety of frozen products are prepared in our facility to be distributed all around Jordan. Furthermore, Ocean management looked forward to expand its business through investing in Arab and overseas countries. Proudly, nowadays we opened different markets abroad.

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Logistics and Distribution Department This Department began simultaneously with the company establishment in 1989. It consists of two main divisions First division: Its main focus is to cover the daily needs of fresh, frozen and delicatessen seafood at all Oceans branches, HORECA Sector, Hypermarkets and cash van as well as all necessary materials requested by the branches all around Jordan. This division has a fleet of 25 refrigerator trucks equipped with a GPS tracking system. Second division: Its main focus is to deliver prepared orders from our branches to the customers’ location. Our team is very skilled and fully trained to deal with food safety according to ISO 22000 standards. This division has a fleet of 12 delivery cars equipped with a GPS tracking system.

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Our main warehouse in muqabaleen boosts a capacity of 2400m2 and if fully equipeed to cover all needed materials for our branches.Thewarhouse consists of four floors divided into the following sections: chemicals warehouse, maintenance warehouse, vegetables and fruits warehouse, dried food warehouse, packaging warehouse, materuals and uniforms warehouse.The Quality Department inspects these warehouses twice a week to guarantee the highest quality in food saftey, furthermore, an automated system is connected with the internal and external purchasing departments to fulfill allthewarehouse shortages.

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